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Following an tour international tour LZ7 landed back in the uk to start an ILLUMINATE schools tour in one of the UK's most socially deprived areas. 


It hit Lindz West, LZ7 lead singer that these young people were both spiritually and physically poor and asked the question: what could a band do to enable and empower young people to live healthier?

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With the onset of caffeine and sugar ladened drinks like Prime and Red Bull, Lindz dreamt this idea that we could get 1 of the essential 5 a day into a young person, without them even thinking about it, through a brand of drink that has a vitamin pill (Berocca style) into the lid of the drink.

The young person twists the lid and the effervescent pill drops into the water and flavours and enriches it with the vital vitamins and minerals a young person needs on a daily basis.

Using flavours akin to popular drinks on the market, HUMAN serves as a disruption to the norm of the drinks that are detrimental to young people's health whilst also inspiring them to search for health.

The branding on the bottle would hold links to mental health resources and organisations that can help them spiritually 'get well'.

Alongside this we would direct young people to a gym company that would want to partner with potential personal
Fitness and Training geared towards young people.

All fronted by the music campaigns of LZ7, HUMAN would be taken on tour with the band on their mainstream, festivals and ILLUMINATE high schools tours.


On the ILLUMINATE high schools tours we would incentivise the HUMAN drink by selling it, for example, at £49p whilst selling it in mainstream supermarkets at £1.99. In a Robin Hood style the supermarkets subsidise the schools tours.


LZ7 have 10 plus ILLUMINATE schools tour focusing on the D of E key stages 3 and 4 across the UK face to face with 150 000 + young people in high schools.

LZ7 tour with major artists. On the latest tour they opened for Jason Derulo and face to face with 450 000 over 31 arenas. LZ7 will be touring with 1 major artist per year for the next 5 years. A huge opportunity to show case HUMAN.

Couple this with focussed Instagram, tik tok shop, YouTube, Spotify, radio, club and TV campaigns across LZ7 300 000 strong social media following, LZ7 are in a great spot to market the drink, increasing its virality amongst young people, importantly winning the favour of parents, partnering with health organisations and feeding the young people of the UK with essentials vitamins and minerals needed as a part of a healthy balanced lifestyle.


I am looking for an initial investment of core funding to develop a prototype drink.

LZ7 have a high schools tour in Peterborough UK Nov 2024. 15 000 young people face to face.

From a social responsibility the ROI on this is endless in how many young lives are literally turned around on these ILLUMINATE tours. Couple the HUMAN drink with the power of music and we have an incredible opportunity to reach the hardest to reach with a message of hop, health and well being.

The ROI in monetary terms can be fleshed out as we move into production costs/distribution/storage etc.

Thanks for your time and feel free to ask any questions,

Lindz West

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